Cambridge Meeting 2016



Language Contact and Language Change

in Cross-Border Kurdistan (CLiCK)

9-10 December 2016, Wolfson College, Old Combination Room, University of Cambridge

      The conference focuses on multilingualism in Western Asia, specifically of the Kurdish-populated areas of “Cross-border Kurdistan” at the convergence of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and the neighboring countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. In this area, several Indo-European languages are spoken, some of which include Armenian, Kurdish varieties, and Persian. A number of non-Indo-European languages (Azeri Turkic, Neo-Aramaic, and Turkish) and Caucasian languages such as Georgian are also spoken in this region. The conference aims to initiate a network that investigates contact-induced language change in this region.


9 December 2016

Participant Language/Topic Time Topic
Hiwa Asadpour Inroduction 9 - 9:30 Opening session (language contact in Western Asia: state of the art, desiderata; introducing the DFG project aims)
Geoffrey Khan Neo-Aramaic 9:30-10:10  
Alex Bellem Arabic 10:10-10:50  
Coffee break 10:50-11:10
Christiane Bulut Azeri Turkic 11:10-11:50  
Elisabetta Ragagnin Azeri Turkic 11:50-12:30  
Ioanna Sitaridou Romeyka 12:30-13:10  
Lunch time   13:10-14:40  
Bert Vaux Armenian 14:40-15:20  
Geoffrey Haig Kurmanji Kurdish 15:20-16  
Thomas Juegel Sorani Kurdish 16-16:40  
Coffee break   16:40-17  
Hiwa Asadpour Summary of the day 17-17:15 Outlines of the day
Jost Gippert Networking 17:15-open ending Possible networking and cooperation, technical issues, and infrastructure and group discussion.
Dinner time   19:00  

10 December 2016

Discussion of linguistic features Time Topic
NENA and Kurdish parallels I 9-10:30 This will be an open discussion that aims at identifying areal features in the languages of the region.
Coffee break 10:30-11  
NENA and Kurdish parallels II 11-12:30 Identifying areal features
Lunch break 12:30-14  
NENA and Kurdish parallels III 14-15:30 Identifying areal features
Coffee break 15:30-16  
Next steps 16-17 Discussion of the future network, including issues such as finance, data and standardization and harmonization (main participants only).

Hiwa Asadpour

(University of Frankfurt/Cambridge)

Geoffrey Khan

(University of Cambridge)

Jost Gippert

(University of Frankfurt)


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