Frankfurt Meeting 2017

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How to get to the conference

From Frankfurt Main Train Station

From Frankfurt HBF (Central Railway Station), take one of local trains (S-Bahn) S1 (direction Offenbach‐Ost), S2, S3, S4 (direction Frankfurt Süd), S5/S6 (Stresemannallee), S8/S9 (Hanau Hauptbahnhof) and exit at the station “Hauptwache”. Proceed via one of the metro lines 1/2/3/8 to "Holzhausentraße". From there it is a 5 minutes walk to Campus Westend (see the map above). Alternatively, one may take Bus 64 from Frankfurt HBF (South Exit) to „Bremer Straße“ (one stop after„Bremer Platz / Uni-Campus Westend“).

From Frankfurt International Airport:

After landing, please proceed to the local railway station for regional and local trains at Terminal 1, Level 1 (German: Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof). Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 1 to 3.  (Please note: there are two railway stations at the Frankfurt Airport: Do not go to the long‐distance railway station at the AIRail Terminal.)  From the local railway station take one of the local trains (S‐Bahn) S8 or S9 – direction Hanau Hauptbahnhof – 5 stops from airport to the station “Hauptwache”. Change for the underground train U‐Bahn U1, U2, U3 or U8 to the station “Holzhausenstraße”. After 5 minutes walk you will arrive at Campus Westend.

Please note: There are very few available parking spots close to Campus Westend, the closest parking ramp is at the "Palmengarten".  

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On Campus

The Casino is the building (2a) behind the main building and the water basin, so you will have to enter the main building and exit through one of the back doors.

          Hotels in the Immediate Vicinity of Campus Westend
          The location both of the hotels and of the conference venue you can see on this overview map.

Hotel Mondial (green pin on the overview map). 

Heinestr. 13 60322 Frankfurt am Main Phone: +49 (69) 59 04 22 E-mail: Homepage:

Motel Frankfurt (blue pin on the overview map).

Eschersheimer Landstraße 204 60320 Frankfurt am Main Phone: +49 (69) 56 0006-0 E-mail: Homepage:

Hotel Astoria (yellow pin on the ).overview map

Rheinstr. 25 60320 Frankfurt am Main Phone: +49 (69) 97 56 00 E-mail: Homepage:

WiFi Access


The Goethe University's Wireless Internet
 can be used by every 
previously registered participant
 of the conference. The conference accounts will be handed over at the 
conference registration desk

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