Text: Rez.Cat. 
The Rezian Catechism I

After the edition by
Jan I.N. Baudouin de Courtenay
(Ivan A. Boduėn-de-Kurtenė),
Materialy dlja južnoslovjanskoj dialektologii i ėtnografii,
I: Rez'janskie teksty,
Sanktpeterburg: Tipografija imperatorskoj akademii nauk 1895,
pp. 447-455, 645-646, 651-653

keyed in and tagged
by Han Steenwijk,
Università di Padova,
Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Anglo-Germaniche e Slave,
Sezione di Slavistica,
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 12.8.2010

Notes have been numbered.
Corrections and additions to the 1875 edition are incorporated into the main text and tagged as such.
Not maintained are: typographical distinction of archaisms and Romance and German loans, paragraph numbers, indications of line breaks in the manuscript, indications of writing errors.

In the present TITUS edition, the following replacements have been made:
   Russian e-oborotnoe   by   {e}
   Greek omega      by   {o}
   Serbian dje      by   {dj}
   nj ligature      by   {nj}
   oe ligature      by   æ
   acute accent      by   '
   dot above      by   {.}
   bar below (underline macron)   by   _
   inverted breve below   by   __
The two-letter-codes in the lemmatic forms has been replaced by one-letter codes (vowels with accent marks, consonants with haceks etc.). J.G.


Version: I 
Page: 447 
Sentence: 1  
ime od Oggiè , od Sinu , anù od Svetaha Duha .
Sentence: 2  
Tacu bodi . *

Section: 1  
Sentence: 3  
dua Misteriha principal .

Subdivision: 1  
Sentence: 4      parvi misterih dan sami Buh , dishtint tuv treh Persunah , chà ni clizzajo , Oggià , Sin , anù Sveti Duh , s samo bisido Santissima Trinitat .

Subdivision: 2  
Sentence: 5     
sehond misterih , ta sehond persuna , chà to Sin , an se sdelal zlovech tuv svotè od Marie Vergine , an patel anù umar sa nas * tanà Crishu , an clizze Giesù Crisht , nash Redentor , ver Buh , anù ver zlovech .

Page: 448 
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