Zand-i Vohuman Yasn
Part No. 3
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Chapter: 2 

Sentence: 1    PWN znd Y whwmn ysn W hwrdt ysnʼ W ՚št՚t ysnʼ pyt՚k AYK HNA b՚l gcstk mzdk Y b՚md՚t՚n Y dynʼ pty՚lk OL pyt՚kyh YATWNt APš՚n pty՚lkʼ PWN dynʼ Y yẕd՚n krtʼ
Sentence: 2    
W ZK ՚nwsk lwb՚nʼ hwslw Y m՚hd՚t՚n W š՚hpwl Y d՚t՚whrmẕḏ Y ՚twrp՚tk՚n dstwbl W ՚twr plnb՚g Y ՚KDBA W ՚twrp՚tʼ ՚twrmtrʼ W bht՚plyt OL LOYNʼ BOYHWNst
Sentence: 3    
APš ptm՚nʼ hcš hw՚st AYK ẔNE ysnyh՚ PWN nyh՚n AL YHSNNyt BRA PWN ptwnd Y LKWM znd AL c՚šytʼ
Sentence: 4    
OLEš՚n BYN hwslwbʼ ptm՚n krtʼ.

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