Text: Sns 
Šāyist nē šāyist

(Transliterated text)

On the basis of the editions by
Tavadia (1930) and Kotwal (1969)
entered by D. Durkin-Meisterernst,
Berlin, 2002;
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 24.11.2002 / 9.12.2008

Shayist ne shayist with the supplementary texts.
Transliteration, read from the MS (TD, ed. Kotwal and Boyd 1980) for the text edited by Tavadia 1930 in transcription and taken from Kotwal 1969 for the supplementary texts.

For the sake of unification of transliterated Pahlavi texts in the TITUS text database, the transliteration has been adopted, where necessary, to that used in D.N. MacKenzieʼs "Concise Pahlavi Dictionary".
x̄ / x̱ marks a corrupted letter (placed above / below every letter affected.

Text division as b (text), c (chapter), d (paragraph). The page numbers of the editions are included and encoded with p. This coding is on the left if it does not interrupt a unit of the text. If it would interrupt a unit of the text it is placed within the text. The line-numbers of the edition are encoded with l and included only within the text.

Book: MT 
Šāyist šāyist, Main Text

ed. Tavadia 1930

Page: 26 
Line: 1 
Chapter: 1  
Paragraph: 0     Link to snstrs
PWN ŠM Y yẕd՚n W dhšn Y nywk! YHWN՚t ZK Y ŠPYL, tn' drwstyh W dgl zywšnyh W Line: 2  ՚p՚tCBWyh Y KRA ŠPYL՚n W pl՚lwn kwnšn՚n, n՚mcšt OLE, MNW l՚d Y̱ḴTYBWNyhyym!

Page: 27  
Line: 1 
Paragraph: 1     Link to snstrs
cygwn MN ՚pst՚k pyt՚k PWN ywdtŠŠŠDY՚t gwpt YKOYMWNyt, AYK ZNE 7 p՚dk Y wn՚s Line: 2  PWN dyn' gwpt YKOYMWNyt, AYT Y plm՚n' W ՚glpt' W ՚wylyšt W ՚ldwš W hwl W b՚c՚y W y՚t W tn՚pwhl. ܀

Page: 28  
Line: 1 
Paragraph: 2     Link to snstrs
flm՚n-I ALBA styl, W KRA styl-I ALBA ZWZN sng; ՚glpt W ՚wylyšt ZK Y Line: 2  ksst' twb՚n', APš ՚lc Y PWN n՚mcšt, YHWWNt MNW wyšst ZWZN-I gwpt ՚ldwš Line: 3  {ddy} <styl> 30; hwl styl 60; b՚c՚y styl 90; W y՚t styl 100 W 80 W tn՚pwhl tsyl 300.

Paragraph: 3     Link to snstrs
PWN {d՚tyh} <d՚t Y> pwlywtkyšyh, AYT MNW ptš ywtd՚tst՚n' YHWWNt HWEnd.

Paragraph: 3b     Link to snstrs
ME, <gw>gwš<n>sp MN c՚štk Y ՚twr ՚whrmẕḏ, W swšyns MN c՚štk Y ՚twr plnb՚y Line: 2  nrsyh, W mytwkm՚h MN c՚štk Y <gwgwšnsp>, W ՚plḵ MN c՚štk Y swšyns Line: 3  BRA gwpt;

Page: 29  
Line: 1 
Paragraph: 4     Link to snstrs
W hm՚k pwlywtkyš՚n PWN ZNE 3 c՚štk YKOYMWNd; W ՚cš AYT Y swsttl, W AYT Y Line: 2  shttl YKOYMWNd.

Page: 30  
Line: 1 
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