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Paragraph: 3  
3 (= Rq._3_a)

Sentence: 1     And sprecma thene rediewa on vmbe tha lessa meyde ief vmbe tha marra, sa vndgungere mith sex monnum {Anm.} vnder tha forma and vnder tha other berninghe, and hi se selva thi soginda; and thi talemon wite tha sibbe, ther vr thene sueren heth, ther tha werde leda skel mith sex ethum; and thi talemon vndvnge ac alsa vmbe tha meyde, and tha redieua driwe thet riucht forth fon tha talemonnem, ther thenna weldech send; and hveder sa tha redieua ioftha {Anm.} talemonne thius werde brech, sa reke hi tha liudum achta merch and tha rivchthrum ene halwe hageste merk, and thi clagere bisvere sine meyde; and ne driuath tha talemon ioftha redieua thith riucht naut forth, sa geie hia mith achta mercum.

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