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This page contains a reference list of of all UNICODE characters as contained in the UNICODE block ranging from

U+0600 through U+06FF.

The page itself is encoded using UTF-8.
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Table showing UNICODE characters in block U+0600 through U+06FF:
UTF8: 216, 128;UNICODE: 060؀؁؂؃؄؅؆؇؈؉؊؋،؍؎؏
UTF8: 216, 144;UNICODE: 061ؘؙؚؐؑؒؓؔؕؖؗ؛؜؝؞؟
UTF8: 216, 160;UNICODE: 062ؠءآأؤإئابةتثجحخد
UTF8: 216, 176;UNICODE: 063ذرزسشصضطظعغػؼؽؾؿ
UTF8: 217, 128;UNICODE: 064ـفقكلمنهوىيًٌٍَُ
UTF8: 217, 144;UNICODE: 065ِّْٕٖٜٟٓٔٗ٘ٙٚٛٝٞ
UTF8: 217, 160;UNICODE: 066٠١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٪٫٬٭ٮٯ
UTF8: 217, 176;UNICODE: 067ٰٱٲٳٴٵٶٷٸٹٺٻټٽپٿ
UTF8: 218, 128;UNICODE: 068ڀځڂڃڄڅچڇڈډڊڋڌڍڎڏ
UTF8: 218, 144;UNICODE: 069ڐڑڒړڔڕږڗژڙښڛڜڝڞڟ
UTF8: 218, 160;UNICODE: 06Aڠڡڢڣڤڥڦڧڨکڪګڬڭڮگ
UTF8: 218, 176;UNICODE: 06Bڰڱڲڳڴڵڶڷڸڹںڻڼڽھڿ
UTF8: 219, 128;UNICODE: 06Cۀہۂۃۄۅۆۇۈۉۊۋیۍێۏ
UTF8: 219, 144;UNICODE: 06Dېۑےۓ۔ەۖۗۘۙۚۛۜ۝۞۟
UTF8: 219, 160;UNICODE: 06Eۣ۠ۡۢۤۥۦۧۨ۩۪ۭ۫۬ۮۯ
UTF8: 219, 176;UNICODE: 06F۰۱۲۳۴۵۶۷۸۹ۺۻۼ۽۾ۿ

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