Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien
Tocharian Manuscripts from the Berlin Turfan Collection:

Preliminary edition of unpublished texts (author: T. Tamai)

Attention: This text is encoded using Unicode / UTF8.

THT 1140

|ATHT1140 /A/
/// +u +RA ṣ^pu-K\ kli ///

/// KA-Ṣ\ `ā-rwa-rna sa-M\ ///

/// +ā lī s^kā-rplu-ne MA-ska ///

/// +ā sne nu to-ṣ^tri wra-MAṃ ṣya ///

/// (l+) ṢTA-R\ ° ku-pre-ne ///

/// (*) +ā-Ṣ\ kÜ+e yci ///

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