Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien
Conventions of transcription:

Attention: This text is encoded using Unicode / UTF8.The non-ASCII characters as contained in it can only be displayed and printed by installing the TITUS font package Titus Unicode.

For the transliteration and transcription of the Brahmi the following conventions are used:

`a `i `u `ṛ `ṝ `e `ai `au `o
ka KA kha ga gha
ca cha ja jha ñ
ṭa ṭha ḍa ḍha ṇa
ta TA tha da dha na
pa PA pha ba bha ma MA
ya YA ra RA la LA va wa
śa ŚA ṣa ṢA sa SA
ha : ||

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