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On the basis of the edition by
Dieuke Gaastra,
Das Gopatha Brāhmaṇa,
Leiden 1919

electronically edited by Arlo Griffiths,
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 30.8.2009 / 3.6.2016

The division of the text into sentences marked by letters follows the divisions in the edition.
This is not a current system of reference, so please refer to the edition for page and line numbers when quoting the text.

Sandhi between sentences has been undone, but this is marked with an underscore (_) at the end of the line.
Corrections of the edition are noted at the end of the respective line, in square brackets, sometimes (but far from systematically) with reference to H.C. Patyal's (unpublished) translation of the text.
Sources for quoted mantras have been noted in square brackets, the mantras themselves being enclosed in <... [source]>.

[In the present TITUS edition, metrical mantras were marked especially. J.G.]

Bhaga: 0 
Prapathaka: 0 
Khanda: 0 
Sentence: a    oṃ namo 'tʰarvavedāya namaḥ \\

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This text is part of the TITUS edition of Atharva-Veda: Gopatha-Brahmana.

Copyright TITUS Project, Frankfurt a/M, 3.6.2016. No parts of this document may be republished in any form without prior permission by the copyright holder.