Merseburger Zaubersprueche
Part No. 3
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Text: Mers.2  
Zweiter Merseburger Zauberspruch

Zeilengetreue Umschrift

Page of ms.: 1  

Line of ms.: 5    Verse: 1   Phol ende uuodan uuorun zi holza Verse: 2   du uuart
Line of ms.: 6    
demo balderes uolon sin uuoz birenkit
Line of ms.: 7    
Verse: 3   thu biguol en sinhtgunt. sunna era suister
Line of ms.: 8    
Verse: 4   thu biguol en friia uolla era suister Verse: 5   thu
Line of ms.: 9    
biguol en uuodan so he uuola conda
Line of ms.: 10    
Verse: 6   sose benrenki sose bluotrenki. sose lidi
Line of ms.: 11    
renki Verse: 7   ben zi bena bluot zi bluoda
Line of ms.: 12    
Verse: 8   lid zi geliden sose gelimida sin.

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