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Manuscript page: 2b  
Gloss: 1     .i. sechip hae bes(c)hordae* hifius
Gloss: n.b        
The letter after bes is doubtful: palaeographically it may be c or t^

Gloss: 2     

Gloss: 3     
.i. dintsruth buadarthu .i. intintuda septien

Gloss: 4     
.i. ni feil titlu remib·ciasidciamni titlu recech oin salm·

Gloss: 5     
.i. immidaircet 7 duaisilbter dopersain duaid

Gloss: 6     
.i. huare rombu imaircide dopersin moysi·insalmso· isairi doairilbed* do ciasu iartain rocet.;
Gloss: n.c        
MS. isairilbed^

Gloss: 7     
.i. nosgaibtis for clais

Gloss: 8     
.i. fochetlaidi·

Gloss: 9     
.i. nosenned

Gloss: 10     
.i. iarnatabairt hofilisnib dohirusalem* ..;
Gloss: n.d        
MS. dohirusam^

Gloss: 11     
.i. fonmám nuu .i. isindfeni nui fuarabatar indibai reliqua

Gloss: 12     
.i. oc collandoracht doib*
Gloss: n.e        
oc collandoracht doib is obscure. Ascoli conjectures oc comollad toracht doib, = nello eseguire le successioni (le serie dei canti). Psalt. Hib. 164 has: roorddnestar Duid certhrar m-airechda fri cetul inna salm do thús inna class .i. Assaph, Eman, Idithún, Ethán 7 alaili leu olchena, and see infra, Ml. 107b 3^

Gloss: 13     
.i. sechtmogo lacech f(er) dincethrurso {[Add.: rectius dinchethrurso]}

Gloss: 14     
.i. cenelae ciuil inso

Gloss: 15     
cenelae ciuil dano

Gloss: 16     
.i. adarcdae .i. tob dihumu fochosmailius nadarcae side

Gloss: 17     
cenelae ciuil inso 7 trimirucad disuidiu coneperr libro psalmorum.

Page of edition: 9 
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