Text collection: NT 
Novum Testamentum iberice
Book: CE 
Epistolae Catholicae

The Old Georgian Version
of the Catholic Epistles

Version: B 
Redaction B as represented in the Lagurḳa ms. from Svaneti

On the basis of the edition by
Ketevan Lortkipaniʒe,
Ḳatoliḳe eṗisṭoleta kartuli versiebi /
Gruzinskie versii sobornyx poslanij
Tbilisi 1956
(Ʒveli kartuli enis ḳatedris šromebi, 9)

edited by Jost Gippert and Vaxṭang Imnaišvili,
Berlin / Bamberg / Frankfurt a/M and Tbilisi, 1988-2000;
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 5.1.2000 / 23.4.2000 / 1.6.2000 / 15.12.2002 / 20.3.2007

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This text is part of the TITUS edition of Epistolae Catholicae (B).

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