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CIIC no. 161

  CIIC:   161   Epigraphy:   18   Ferguson:   46   ECMW:  

  Original site:   Ballintaggart   Irish name:   Baile an tSagairt   Surroundings:   Ditch near burial ground
  OS map:   70   Coordinates:   99.7 / 46.4   Description:  
  Parish:   Garfinny   Barony:   Corkaguiney   County:   Kerry
  Present site:   =
  OS map:   0   Coordinates:   99.7 / 46.4   Description:  

  Romanization:   INISSIONAS
  Ogam transcription:   ᚔᚅᚔᚄᚄᚔᚑᚅᚐᚄ
  Ogam transliteration:   ᚐᚐᚐᚐᚐᚁᚁᚁᚁᚁᚐᚐᚐᚐᚐᚁᚁᚁᚁ᚞ᚁᚁᚁᚁᚐᚐᚐᚐᚐᚁᚁᚁᚁᚁᚐᚁᚁᚁᚁ


Location and history:

For the location and discovery, cd. {155}. According to Brash, OIM 204, this stone was found by J. Windele "lying in the ditch of an adjoining field".

Size according to Brash, OIM 204 ("No. 7."): 3'2", 3'4" girth;

Size according to Macalister, CIIC: 3'2" x 1'1" x 0'8".

Published illustrations:

Brash, OIM pl. XXIII, no. 7 ( draft);

Macalister, CIIC 1, 155 ( outline of inscription).

Reading Ferguson, PRIA 15, 1871, 62:


"Proposed Verbation":


The stone is assigned "No. XVIII" in Ferguson's "List of Moulds of

Inscribed Stones from .. Localities in the Barony of Corkaguiney".

Reading Brash, OIM 205:



This "looks very unlike a proper name, and more like that of a locality, having the prefix Inis, i.e. an island, or land lying along the bank of a river, lake, or any water. May it not have been a boundary stone?" Ferguson's reading was `Inissianon(os)' [where?]; this cannot be read from his paper cast. Brash's copy agrees "in every score" with J. Windele's.

Reading Ferguson, OI 34 (46.):


The inscription is peculiar in that the vowels are "indicated throughout the greater part of the text by stem-crossing digits equally long as those employed for consonants". - "If the name be Ssimon, we might recognise, in the initial ini, a reflection of the inso of Eochaid."

Reading Macalister, Epig. 1, 39 (17. / VII.):



This is "a somewhat unusual name"; cp. Broinionas on Ballinrannig IV {151}. "Professor Rhŷs [where?] has found a parallel in Inisian, a name occurring in the Manumissions in the Bodmin Gospels" (ed. Stokes, RC I, 332 sqq..

Reading Macalister, CIIC:


The letters are "apparently pocked on the dexter side and the top, but now extremely worn."

Interpretation Korolev, DP:


The inscription is preserved complete.

Reading McManus, Guide 65:


Reading OSDP, 18 (4):


This stone has "a cross on it".

Reading Gippert (1978):

"Surface angle, dexter - top":




Additional literature:

RC I, 332 ff.: Wh. Stokes

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