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 ნახური ენები

Nakh Languages

Explanation of terms

Historically, the Ingush are the westernmost two clan confederations of the Chechen-Ingush ethnic group. The Chechen-Ingush for "Ingush" is ğalğa. The Russian term Ingush comes from the Ingush place name Angušt (the vowel of the first syllable reflects an Ingush sound law, cf. Ing. ingali, Ch. angali "glass").

Area of distribution

Ingush is spoken in the western part of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR and the eastern part of the North Ossetic ASSR. Ingush is very closely related to Chechen. There were 186,198 Ingush at the time of 1979.

Dialect varieties

The consonant system of Ingush
The vocal system of Ingush

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