დაღესტნური ენები

Daghestan Languages

ლაკურ-დარგუული ენები
Lak-Dargwa Languages



Explanation of terms

Dargwa  belongs to the Lak-Dargwa group of the Daghestan languages.
There is no general self-designation: the term "Dargwa" refers originally to a type of political-administrative unit.

Area of distribution

The Dargwa population is settled in the lower mountains between the rivers Kazikumukhskoe Koisu and Ulla-chai.

According to the statistics of 1926 there were about 100,000 Dargwa speakers.

Dialect varieties

Akusha- (or Akkuscha) Urakha and Tsudakhar, both with many subdialects. Kaitak and Kubachi are now regarded as additional members of the Dargwa dialect group.

The consonant system of Kubachi


The consonant system of Dargwa
The vowel system of Dargwa

Dargwa  has a status of literary language in Daghestan. The written language is based on the Akusha dialect.

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