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 ნახური ენები

Nakh Languages

Explanation of terms

Batsbi (Tsova-Tush) belongs to the Nakh subgroup of the Northeast Caucasian language family. Tsova-Tush, the designation preferred by its speakers, is also known as Bats or Batsbi. The Tsova-Tush call their own langauge bacbur mot: (lit. "Batsbur language"). (The suffix -ur is borrowed from Georgian). Their self-name is (male singular) Batsav, (male plural) Batsbi. The term Tsova-Tush identifies them as a clan of the Tush (tribe), the other Tush clans being native speakers of Georgian.

Area of distribution

There were approximately 3,000 speakers of Tsova-Tush (1953); according to recent statistics the number of speakers has been reduced to about 1,600. Our eraliest knowledge places them in five villages on Mt. Tsovata in Tusheti, a mountainous region in northeastern Georgia. They began to move down from the mountains in the early part of the 19th century. Currently they live in the village of Zemo Alvani on the Alazani River (Akhmeta Rayon) in Kakheti, in eastern Georgia.
Tsova-Tush is now rapidly replaced by Georgian: all speakers of Tsova-Tush are billingual, speaking Georgian alongside the Tsova-Tush language.

The consonant system of Batsbi
The vowel system of Batsbi

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