დაღესტნური ენები

Daghestan Languages

ხუნძურ-ანდიურ-დიდოური ენები
Avar-Andi-Dido Languages



Explanation of terms

Avar  belongs to the Avar-Andi-Dido group of the Daghestan languages. The designation of the language is mahàrul mats ("mountain language") or Khunz mats' ("langauge of Khunzakh"); russ. аварцы, тавлинцы, джарцы (to the southern group); lak. Yaruchū , dargwa K´araq'an.

Area of distribution

The avar population is settled in the basins of the lower Andi Koisu and of the Avar Koisu; some groups are  isolated from the main body along the western tributaries of the Andi Loisu (in the regions of the Daghestan ASSR:  Gergebil´, Gumbet, Gunib, Kazbek, Kakhib, Tliarata, Untusukul´, Khunzakh, Charoda) or are settled in the southern slope of the main Caucasian chain (the regions of the Azerbaijan: Belokany, Zakataly).

According to the statistics of 1949 there were 167,000 Avar speakers. (Chikobava: the number pf people who were able to speak Avar was ca. 220,000)

Avar has a status of of a literary language in Daghestan. The literary lanuage is based on the Khunazakh dialect which was also the basis of the old "bol mats´' " ("army langauge").
The knowledge of Avar is spread outside its own linguistiv territory: Ando-Dido area, Tsakhur area, Archi, western part of Lak and Dargwa areas.

Dialect varieties

There are four main dialects: Khunazakh, Gidatl´-Andalaly-Karakh, Antsukh and Char.

The consonant system of Avar
The vowel system of Avar

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