აფხაზურ-ადიღური ენები

Abkhaz-Adyghe Languages




 აფხაზურ-ადიღური ენები

Abkhaz-Adyghe Languages

Explanation of terms

The Abkhaz self-name is Aàpswa. The Georgian designation of the Abkhaz is  Apkhazi;  Svan  - Mibkhaz;  Turkisch - Abaza.
The Russians call them абхазы, абхазцы.

Area of distribution

The Abkhaz Language is a member of the North-Western group of the Iberian-Caucasian languages. It is spoken on the Black Sea coast to the south of the main Caucasian chain between the rivers Psou and Ingur, so,  it is spread basically in the Abkhaz AR of Georgia.

The Bziph-Abkhaz live around the river Bzyph, The Abzhui-Abkhaz around the river Kodor.

There are about 79,6 thousand Abkhaz speakers (1970).

Dialect varieties

The dialects of Abkhaz are  Bziph (to the north of Sukhumi) and  Abzhui  (to the south of Sukhumi), the latter has been the base for the literary language since 1928 . The Bziph dialect basically differs from the Abzhu dialect by existence of sibilant-hissing consonants.

The consonant system of Abkhaz
The vowel system of Abkhaz

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